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The Wilbarger Creek Watershed encompasses 116,146 acres with three of the fastest growing communities in Central Texas-Pflugerville, Manor, and Elgin.

It is a unique ecosystem where the upland Post Oak Savannah, with its sweeping grasslands, dramatic trees, and stunning vistas, meets the Blackland Prairie, prized for centuries by farmers and ranchers for its prime farmland soil. The Blackland Prairie is the most endangered ecosystem in America.

Wilbarger Creek Conservation Alliance is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to the preservation of working farms and ranches, open space, scenic views, water, and wildlife habitat in the Wilbarger Creek Watershed. 

Conserving working farms and ranches in this rapidly developing watershed is the best way to protect the native plants and grasses, and the wildlife that depends on this habitat for its survival. The natural springs, creeks and tributaries form healthy riparian and wildlife corridors that ultimately flow into the Colorado River.

Helping landowners preserve their farming and ranching heritage.

Partners and Friends

Texas is known around the world for its iconic ranches and wide open spaces, yet it is losing its rural lands faster than any other state. The counties around Austin are some of the fastest growing in the nation, and working farms and ranches are being swallowed up by urban sprawl and development at an alarming rate.


Wilbarger Creek Conservation Alliance works with farmers, ranchers, and landowners to come up with creative solutions and capital to help them hold onto their land and keep producing food and fiber for their local communities.