This program is funded in part by the

Environmental Fund of Texas and the

Natural Resource Conservation Service. 

The Program:

The Wilbarger Creek Conservation Alliance (WCCA) Pollinator and Monarch Habitat Plot Program is a FREE program offered to landowners with property along or near Wilbarger Creek,. Our mission is to create a matrix of habitat plots in the Wilbarger Creek area to support native pollinators and migrating monarchs. These plots will bring biodiversity to the land in an upward cascade from plants to insects, birds, and animals. Native pollinators also benefit agriculture locally as they pollinate important crops. 

The Plots:

Each plot will be 50’ x 100’ wide and planted with a variety of native flowers, forbs, and grasses including milkweed. The sites will be selected and prepared by the landowner and WCCA. There will be little upkeep of the plots by the landowner, simply the agreement to keep grazing cattle off the plot for the first year and to allow WCCA to visit the plots for three years following planting for monitoring. 

Helping landowners preserve their
farming and ranching heritage.

For more information, call or email Jon Beall: or (512) 632-1760

Pollinator and Monarch Habitat Plot Program

The Process:

  • An initial discussion between WCCA and interested landowners about the property and the Habitat Plot Program.
  • A site visit to determine the best location for a habitat plot.
  • Creating a schedule for site preparation and seeding.
  • Plot preparation dependent on the current conditions and percentage of invasive species present.
  • A work day to plant the native seeds and plugs! 
  • Two to three follow up visits to determine the success of the plots and carry out any needed upkeep such as mowing. 

Who is Eligible? 

Properties within one mile of Wilbarger Creek in either Travis or Bastrop County are eligible for habitat plots. Private landowners, schools, churches, and commercial sites are all eligible for habitat plots. If a property is large enough we are very open to planting more than one plot, please contact us to discuss your property and interest! 

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